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Panchagavya is the combination of five products obtained from cows, which helps in high production of crops and is a traditional means of safeguarding the plants. Much better than chemical pesticides and fertilizers, Panchagavya is an organic conditioner and manure for soil which results in healthy plants, higher yields and more disease resistance.

  • Growth regulatory substances such as IAA, GA and cytokinin Essential plant nutrients
  • Naturally occurring, beneficial, effective micro organisms, predominately lactic acid bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria and certain fungi
  • Beneficial and proven bioconditioner such as Acetobacter, Asospirillum and Phosphobacterium
  • Plant protection substances

  • Panchakavya acts as a growth-promoter and immunity booster
  • Safeguards plants and soil micro-organisms
  • Increases Crops, vegetable and fruit production
  • Various crops such as rice, a variety of vegetables, fruit crops such as mango, banana, guava, lime cash crops such as sugarcane, turmeric, jasmine and moringa and plantation crops have responded extremely well to application of Panchakavya
  • Plants produce larger leaves, and develops denser canopy. The stem produces lateral shoots and much more sturdy branches to bear heavy yields
  • The rooting is profuse and dense, and penetrating to deep layers. Roots helps in better intake of nutrients and water. Plants are able to stand protracted drought conditions, and needed less than a third of the irrigation in regular times

Suitable For
  • Contract farming
  • Herbal plants
  • Flori culture
  • Organic Farming

  • Spray system: Dilute to 3% solution and filter to spray on plant leaves in the evening in low light
  • Water Irrigation system: Mix 20 L of Panchagavya in 200L water and pass into water for irrigation
  • Seed/Seedling treatment: Soak/dip/drench seeds for 20 mins in 3% Panchagavya solution before planting. Ideal for soaking Turmeric & Ginger Rhizomes and sugarcane cuttings 30 minutes before planting

Periodicity of Application

Pre flower Phase (20 days after planting) Once in fifteen days, (two sprays depending upon duration of the crops)
Flowering and pod setting stage Once in 10 days (two sprays)
Fruit / Pod maturation stage Once during Pod maturation